Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dear Dexter (6 month letter)

Dear Dexter,

It seems like I never know how to start these letters off without making some comment about how fast the time has gone and that I can't believe you're already this old.  SIX months!  We're halfway to your first birthday and it feels like just yesterday that I was rubbing my belly, wondering if you would be a baby boy or a baby girl.

You love your brother.  Your blossoming relationship is one of the sweetest things I have the pleasure of watching as you both grow.  Sometimes he will lay his head in your lap and you rub his hair and touch his face with the biggest grin imaginable.  I love it.  Whenever he sits by or in front of you, you're quick to reach out to him, usually resting your hand on his back.  You watch him, wherever he goes and whatever he does.  He's a very entertaining little boy, isn't he?

You are sitting up pretty well now, but not so well that I don't place the boppy pillow around you on the floor.  You still flop back from time to time but you are getting better every day at finding balance.  You shocked your daddy and I this past week as you have figured out how to get up on your hands and knees in early attempts at crawling.  You'll move your knees but not your hands, so you usually end up moving by falling forward and repeating the process.  It's just a matter of time before you mastered this milestone and are off exploring on your own.  It must be a strange thing to only be able to go where others take you, and then suddenly being able to go where you want (within limits, of course).  I guess you are bound and determined to keep up with Theo.

You have eaten several baby foods and I guess you must take after your mama, because you love the fruits and just tolerate the veggies.  You haven't been to the doctor yet for your 6 month checkup, but I know you're growing.  As soon as I clean out your clothes and move up the next size, you are outgrowing everything again.  We just put you in 6 months and some of the pants are already getting too short.

Your hair is blonde and your eyes are blue (like mine!)...where did you come from, little boy?  I love that you have your own look and that people often say you look like me.  You still don't have any teeth but we think you've been teething for several months.  What's going on with all the slobbering, Dexter, if there are no teeth coming?  You go through about a bazillion bibs a day!  I'm in no hurry for your teeth to come in because then your cute little baby gummy smile is gone forever.

I love you, Dexter Jay.  I can't imagine life without you.  You love to snuggle and I do too.  You have the sweetest giggle that is absolutely infectious.  The moments I get to share with you make my life better, make me want to be better.  I want to be around for you and your brother always.  Mommies are always sad when their babies grow up and become more independent.  We want our babies to love and need us forever.  It's no different, the way I feel about you.  I see all that your brother can do and can hardly believe he was just a little baby like you are now a year ago.  Now that you've decided it's time to crawl, you won't be far behind him.

with your Aunt Cher

Just promise to keep giving me hugs, okay?  I'm infinitely proud of you, my precious boy.

Love always,