Wednesday, November 23, 2011

baby Dexter's bally balls

I mentioned that things have been crazy around here lately and apparently I failed to tell anyone and everyone the most important details.  I've had texts and phone calls and never knew how many people cared about my little Dex until now.  Or maybe they're just nosy.  Eh.  Give 'em what they want, right? 

I debated about posting this, but it's a big part of our lives and thoughts right now, so why not?  When Dexter is old enough to read this, I can delete it so he doesn't hate me.  You won't embarrass him about it, will you?

Dexter was born with hydroceles, which is fairly common for newborn boys.  Basically, their ballies look super big and swollen and there's extra fluid around the testicles.  The fluid usually reabsorbs or goes away on it's own.  I think Dexter's have gone down but they are still swollen.  It doesn't seem to cause him any discomfort or anything like that, but apparently one of the risks of not repairing it is hernia, or when abdominal organs somehow get down into the scrotum.  WHAT!?  I mean, they're not that big.  They're still just baby balls.  Anyway, I've never noticed anything out of the ordinary.  I've read stories online lately about parents seeing big bulges that were intestines or something (lesson: don't ever run to google with a medical question), but no...that is not happening. 

We don't want it to happen, anyway.  So at Dexter's 6 month appointment last week (he was 15lbs 6 oz - 12th percentile - and 27" - 68th percentile), the doctor stuck a flashlight under his junk and said if it glows, he goes (to the surgeon for a consult).  He glowed. 

He supposedly set up something with these middleman appointment schedulers, and they were supposed to call by yesterday, but surprise surprise!  They haven't.  So I will be calling them today and hopefully we will have an appointment for the consultation.  If it has to be done, I really really want to get it done this year.  Ya know, since we've already spent a bazillion dollars on giving birth two years in a row and all.  New year, new deductible.

It's a pretty minor deal, altogether, but I'm majorly freaking because he has to be put to sleep with anesthesia for the procedure and that breaks my mommy heart.  He's just so little.  What if they give him too much? What if something goes wrong?  I just can't stand the thought of it.  Has anyone ever dealt with this?? 

scared for my baby,

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