Monday, September 19, 2011

baby boy cuteness overload

I read somewhere (that's helpful, right?) that instead of getting baby pictures done every three months, it makes more sense to get them as newborns, then at 4, 8, and 12 months.  It's true.  By 4 months, you're pretty much guaranteed an easy smile.  By 8 months, you can bet they'll be sitting up and you won't have to worry about them plopping backwards, hitting their head on the concrete floor (uh, what? never happened to Theo).  And by 12 months, if they're not walking yet they should be accustomed to crawling enough that they will sit still for a second rather than just crawl away every single time you sit them down (yep, Theo made every photo shoot exciting). 

Dexter turned 4 months last week and Theo turned 18 months the week before so it seemed like the perfect time for another little photo shoot.  I know they are my kids and all, but come on.  These guys are C-U-T-E.  Here are a couple of sneak peeks from the photographer's blog:

that gummy smile is about the cutest thing I've seen.

well.  those feet are pretty adorable too.

Theo was not so cooperative overall, but our photographer worked hard for the money and I know there are lots more cute shots coming.  Thank you Angie, for another exciting and interesting shoot.  

Here's a link to Angie's blog with the rest of the sneak peek. 


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