Thursday, February 17, 2011

paranoid party planning committee

I have to admit, I'm experiencing some anxiety over Theo's first birthday party.  It's coming up in 2 short weeks (and 2 days) and I'm getting nervous.  Feeling a little pressure.  There will be a lot of people and a short amount of time.  There will be babies his age and kids that are older.  Am I supposed to have activities to keep everyone entertained?  Because I'm thinking we'll be lucky to make it through pizza, presents, and cake in 2 hours. 

Not to mention I am paranoid that Theo is going to have a crazy morning that day, thereby ruining all my visions of his perfect little celebration.  We picked the 12-2 time frame because that's generally between his naps, but what if he's off that day?  What if he refuses to nap and is ready to crash just in time for the party?  It could be disasterous.  What am I supposed to do with him while we are decorating for the party, which is not going to be at our house?  How am I going to manage to get the balloons, cake, and decorations in place while he is supposed to be napping?  How am I going to manage taking a million adorable pictures amidst all the chaos while still being present enough in the moment to enjoy it through him?  And what about the cake mess?  Since we're not having the party at home, how am I going to get cake out of his hair before we put him back in his carseat?   

And the best (ha) part of all is that he won't even know what hit him.  Of course, he is the one I'm most worried about pleasing and, party or no party, it's just another day to him. 

I wanted it to be small but just with our immediate families, there are 15 people.  And then there are his little baby best friends that I wouldn't dream of not inviting.  Parents included, that gets us up to about 30.  Then there are our friends who have the older-ish kids, the babysitter, and my grandparents and we're at 40.  Egads.  I didn't even invite our friends who don't have kids and I'm feeling guilty about that but you have to draw the line somewhere, right?  With all that being said, I really want all those people there because they have been such a big part of Theo's first year.

Maybe in the future we will do a family birthday dinner with cake and ice cream and then a baby friend birthday playdate.  That way everyone gets to enjoy Theo and vice versa.  And I get to enjoy everyone and ...well I guess the vice versa part is subjective.  So that new idea I just came up with here and now has me feeling better about his birthday next year, but back to the panic attack...


Did I mention I'm somewhat stressed and depressed about the fact that my eensy weensy baby is almost ONE? (Yes, yes I did.)

Any suggestions?

freakin' out,


  1. I totally know how u feel! I was the same way with hunters first birthday. It was totally crazy to get ready for and I was just about a basket case, and we didn't have near that kind of number coming! But in the end, he had a great day, chaos and all, and I have memories of a lifetime, even if there were a few glitches (i.e. Fly found in the cake box after getting it home). No matter what happens, I'm sure he will have an awesome day with tons of good memories for you and your family. My suggestion...stop freaking out and enjoy that he is turning one :) its a big occasion! Mine will be three this year...and don't sweat the small stuff. Cuz in the end, its all just small stuff as long as he is happy and has a fun day :)

  2. LOL!!!! Always funnier looking in, right!? These birthdays are stressful though!!! Sounds like you definitely have your hands full, and it's more people than I've done both years. The time sounds good, esp if it's between naps. We did a late party to accommodate more people last year and I disliked having to keep her on a normal routine that day(or attempting it) to make sure she was happy for the party. We did the Noon time this year and it was perfect! I'm hoping you have lots of help though, especially if it's not at your house you'll have a lot of carting around to do. Everything you trust someone else to do I say to delegate. Because if you staying with him keeps him happier and on his routine easier than it's worth it to have a happy party time! Good'll be so relieved when it's over but try to enjoy it once the party starts!!!! Have fun!!

  3. thanks for the words of wisdom, ladies. I'm hoping for an unseasonably warm March day so I can forget the stupid pizza place and throw the party in our backyard, where it belongs. good to know baby #2 will have a mid- to late-May birthday where we can count on better weather.

  4. Ask the babysitter to babysit and bring him over when he wakes up from his nap. Bring some mini bottles of bubbles - you can give them to the older little kids and they can play with them and then take them home like party favors. You can use a wipe to wipe out the worst of mushed cake from his hair before taking him home. Hand the camera to someone who's shy and ask them to take pictures - they'll feel better having the camera to hide behind anyway. It'll all work out. You're nice, so I'm sure you have nice people surrounding you, and they'll offer to help.