Monday, February 7, 2011

24 week check-up check-in / baby name dilemma

Last Thursday I went in for my 24 week check up.  Surprisingly, she didn't talk a whole lot about the pending decision (c-section vs. vaginal delivery), but of course she did mention it.  We listened to the baby's heartbeat, which was in the 140s again.  I have to go back in three weeks for the gestational diabetes test. I begged her to just assume that I was positive for it if my test comes back abnormal so that I don't have to do the awful, terrible, dreadful, disgusting 3 hour glucose tolerance test but she said that so many 1 hour tests come back abnormal that the 3 hour is the only true way to tell.  Maybe I should just do that and be done with it.  But it really is awful.  When I was pregnant with Theo, I had to do it after working all night and not eating anything since before midnight.  So I got to the doctor's office at 0830 and had to sit there until 1130...drink this thick sugary syrupy orange flavored goo (nauseating) and try to stay awake...ugh! Sheer misery.

Anyway, she measured my abdomen and said I was measuring one week ahead, which (according to me) is a bad sign.  I need this baby to stay petite if there's any hope of not going the c-section route.  Blood pressure was good, the doctor said my weight was good...I wasn't as impressed.  I gained SEVEN pounds since last time, bringing my total weight gain up to 14.5 so far (I think).  They weigh me on a different scale every time though so I don't know how reliable it is.  I weighed myself about 2 weeks before that at home (in the buff, of course) and it was 9 pounds less than what I showed at the doctor last week.  There's no way I gained that much in 2 weeks.  Who knows?

The baby is moving around lots and lots now.  I can see and feel the movements easily from the outside, which is kind of fun.  S/he is getting up higher now and I can feel some kicks in my ribs, which is not so fun.  The heartburn is getting more intense but it's not constant (yet).  I feel huge already and I have a long way to go.  I definitely need some more jeans.  What happened to all my jeans from last time?  They are like capris now.  I have one pair of long-enough maternity jeans.  As badly as I need them, I hate buying maternity clothes.  Just seems like such a waste. 

We're not making much progress on names, even though I am pestering the dada to talk about it almost every day.  We need boy names.  I don't know why boy names are so hard this time around.  Maybe part of it is that we want it to compliment Theo's name.  We also want to give him a name that lends itself to a good nickname, like we did with Theodore.  That really limits the choices.  A couple of new ones we talked about over the weekend were Harrison (Harris) and Griffin (Griff).  I really prefer Griffith over Griffin but it doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily.  I still like Tegan (he still hates it) and I kind of like(d) Toby (until my friend pointed out the Toby Keith connection. Bleck). 

Any suggestions?  Comments? 

Please help,


  1. what is the n/n for Toby? Or is Toby the nickname?

  2. Nathanial. Timothy. Jameson (Jamie).

  3. Sam, we actually talked about jameson this weekend but I'm afraid he'd get nicknamed james and that bores me. I'm not sure how I feel about jamie but I do love jameson. cmh - r said Tobias but I don't love tobias. Ughhh this is too hard! I give up!

  4. Wow, they still haven't devised a bettermethod than that awful orange stuff. I drank that 28 years ago!

  5. OK..since you're my friend.... I'll give you some off of our list :)
    Ethan, Evan, Alex, Andrew (Drew), Jacek, Owen, Wil, Miles, Spencer, and Easton..... feel free to use any of them!!! :)I'm sure we'll have decided on 26 more by the time we need one!

    and by the way.....Toby makes me think of Toby Lightman....NOT Toby Keith....ew.

  6. I do love Toby Lightman...and that's who I thought of too! I think Toby is cute for a boy or girl. Owen used to be way high on our list but then got too popular for me. I have two friends with babies named Ethan. Jacek is pretty cute, never heard that one! I have a nephew named Spencer (whose father's name is Andrew). Wow, lots of good names Jodi! You two will definitely pick a good one. Can't wait :)