Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Easy Peezy Fonzareezi

I talked here about all of the nicknames that had developed over Theo's few short months here with us.  One in particular has stuck and developed a new life of it's own.  And that name would be:

"Sweet Peezus"

Easy enough to see how that name came from the endearing baby  pet name "Sweet Pea," combined with the common exclamation "Sweet Jesus," right?

Well, now Sweet Peezus also gets called these names:




Sweet Peezus Brown (Sung to the tune of "Sweet Caroline") and then there's just...

Peezus Brown (which gets sung to the less popular theme song to "The Cleveland Show"..."my name is Peezus Brown and I'm proud to be...")

And the newest one, Easy Peezy Fonzareezi


And where did it come from? 

Oh, Peezus.  I'm sorry we've given you such a terrible nickname.  We didn't mean to, I promise!  Maybe it won't stick (if we're all lucky).

I Love You, my little Peezus Brown. 


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  1. It's actually Sweet Peezy Fonzareezy and it comes from some stupid E-40 (rapper) song where he referred to himself as E-Feezy Fonzareezy. Dumb, I know, but very catchy. :)