Thursday, July 10, 2014

catch the moment 365: week twenty-seven

We've returned to normal life after a crappy run that was divided up over the past two Catch the Moment posts. Woo hoo & yay for good times!!

Linking up with Mindi, Sarah, and Stephanie for this year-long Catch the Moment challenge. I have to tell you -- I had a hard time narrowing down my choices on a couple of the days below. When we've had such a good week and gotten this many pictures that put a smile on my face -- life must be a-okay.

183/365: July 2nd. A friend and I went to a local sunflower patch. I got some wonderful photos and posted some of my favorites HERE.

184/365: July 3rd. Okay, so this isn't a great photo at all.  I took it at about 11:40pm after publishing last week's Catch the Moment post when I realized I had been too busy running around (getting ready for the long weekend) to pull the camera out once all day long.  The polish looked cuter at Target. I didn't realize it was going to look like Queen Elsa had painted my toenails.

185/365: July 4th. "Hey Theo - think of something funny!" This is what I got. Love these crazy nuts. 

186/365: July 5th. Our 11th wedding anniversary and dinner at a fancy (to us) restaurant. We're easy to impress but this place was really nice and we enjoyed sitting in the "silo" with the kitchen view at FARMbloomington

187/365: July 6th. The boys discovered a love of cherries over the holiday weekend.  I'll finally be posting our July 4th weekend recap on 7/11 so check back!

188/365: July 7th. A night when I knew we wouldn't be doing anything spectacular so I just snapped a quick pic of the boys watching cartoons while I fixed dinner to get the pic-of-the-day out of the way.

189/365: July 8th. A trip to the park after getting ice cream on a warm summer night.  This is the simplicity and joy that I miss yearn for during the winter.

Which picture do you like best this week? I really don't even know how to choose between the two of the boys (days 189 & 185) versus that nature one (the sunflower on day 183).  I'll just print and frame them all! Yeah right -- is anyone good about doing this or am I a total failure?  At least I've got my blog, right? 



  1. Great photos this week! I really like the trip to the park photo.

  2. I can't wait for cherry season.