Friday, May 9, 2014

a busy 34th birthday week

What a busy week we've had!  Monday night the boys caught their first fish! My birthday was Wednesday. Thursday morning Dexter had his first dentist appointment and that night Ryan and I went to a terrible photography class...thankfully it was free!

My original birthday plan was to get together with 2 or 3 other couples for dinner, using my birthday as an excuse to have a fun date night out in the middle of the week. Quickly I realized that lives are far too busy this time of year so instead I suggested a ladies' night to a some friends. They all agreed and plans were made to have dinner then go bowling.

On my birthday, Theo and Dexter were excited to present me with my birthday gift...
Be jealous - it's a Wyldstyle Lego watch! 

They weren't as excited to see what Ryan got me...
A new 50mm lens! It doesn't zoom...I feel quite lost with this on my camera. It will definitely take some getting used to but I'm excited to play around with it. 

This is the part where I become a wuss.  The boys were excited for my birthday. They must think grown up birthdays are as thrilling as theirs...haha.  But it was sweet and cute. They couldn't wait to sing to me and were asking about my "party" and cake.  Whoops, well... guilt had been creeping in for about a week over not spending that day with my family but I tried to push it away. When they started asking about my party and cake, the deal was sealed. I told Ryan I wanted them to come to dinner. I'm glad they did. It was really fun. 

After dinner, it was off to the bowling alley. We had so much fun and laughed a lot. I'll spare you the several hundred photos we took to create hilarious action sequences. 

Lucky to have these ladies in my life - so glad they spent the evening with me. 

Whitney, Angie, me, Erin, and Brandy.

Thursday morning, bright and early, I took Dexter to the dentist for his first appointment. My loud, vivacious boy was so quiet and nervous! 

He did everything she asked him to do but didn't say much more than "uh-huh" and "okay" the whole time.

No cavities!

More stuff to keep us busy - Mother's Day, Dexter's birthday, and his birthday party all within the next week.  May is such a busy month but we're not complaining!  


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