Tuesday, March 11, 2014

catch the moment: week ten

Week 10 proved to be a fantastic week!  The weather is warming and we celebrated our big boy's 4th birthday. I've yet to get his party post up yet but did write his love letter before time got away from me. I've got so much to write about but am struggling to find the time to blog lately. Thank goodness for this project - it definitely keeps me coming back, even when I'm feeling stretched for time.

Linking up again with our hostesses, Mindi (Simply Stavish), Sarah (Nurse Loves Farmer), and Stephanie (Behind the Camera and Dreaming).

Without further jibber jabber, here are week ten's photos:

64/365: March 5th. I found this love letter in Theo's back pocket after school. Apparently he made an "all diamond ring" for his favorite teacher.

65/365: March 6th. This was the day of Theo's birthday celebration at school.  It was so super cute (and one of the things I need to include when I write about his birthday party) but this photo is grainy because I had to zoom in to crop out other students in the class.  

66/365: March 7th. Our first day in 2014 playing outside!  It was in the 50s, which felt just about like the 70s considering the long, cold winter we've had. You can see the snow still in the background, even after many days above freezing. 

67/365: March 8th. Theo's 4th birthday. I felt lucky, loved, and happy to have so much family around to celebrate Theo's special day. Especially my mama!

68/365: March 9th. Theo playing with his new Lego Movie trash chomper set. A gift from friends, of course! 

69/365: March 10th. Monthly dinner date with my friend that lives too far away. Hello fresh-made-at the-table guacamole! And tequila sunrise!  I think I have a new favorite restuarant. (Locals, it's Adobo Grill downtown, have you been there??)

70/365:  March 11th.  Had to pull off to the side of the road on my way to work when I saw the beautiful fog rolling across the field with the sunrise in the background -- see? Daylight Savings Time is good for something after all! 

So, I just realized as I was putting this post together that it was very THEO heavy, which makes sense since it was his birthday week.  But there was this photo from Day 70 that almost made the cut. I just have to share it since it almost looks like Dexter moved out: 

70/365 (BONUS!): March 11th. Second time playing outside this year and I treated the boys to their first ring pops.  Theo's was gone in minutes and we ended up throwing Dexter's away hours later because he couldn't seem to figure out how to eat the whole thing. It was a glorious 65 degree day that has me excited for more Spring weather! 

SOOOooo the weekly question for you -- which photo was your favorite? I love the genuine smiles on my mom's and Theo's faces on Day 67.  I'm also in love with 69, 70, and 70(bonus).  Sorry -- I can't pick just one this week!  What? I told you it was a great week...



  1. I agree I LOVE them all. Hooray for birthdays, springtime and ring pops. Funny story...Adrian use to buy me ring pops when we were dating. He always use to say "someday it will be a real rock." LOL Ahh the good old days of dating.

  2. Theo holding the globe is great, - and so is the picture of the kids on the driveway. I'm so looking forward to spring - it's still 'winter' here! :(

  3. Love 70! I really need to start taking photos outside of Leland and Eldon.

  4. Your photos are gorgeous! I think you should make them bigger though. :)

  5. Love the sunrise! And Theo at school, so cute!

  6. Great pics! Love birthday weeks! Love the true joy shown with your mom & Theo!