Monday, October 14, 2013

we're baaack!

We returned home from Lake Buena Vista, Florida on Saturday afternoon and have been basking in the laid back feeling of being home from vacation.

Disney with 2 and 3 year olds is not easy breezy, folks, but it was indeed magical and we had a wonderful time.  I went through my 1700+ photos Saturday night and got them down to 1100 or so.  Clearly, I've got some more work to do before posting recaps or starting work on a photo book.

It was back to work for Ryan and I and back to the sitter for the boys today.  I was dreading logging in and checking my emails but after sifting through redundant messages and moving items to folders that had already been addressed, it really wasn't too bad.

I spent all day today hustlin' and bustlin' to get everything back up to date and now I'm ready to go forward with this week's workload.  Thankful for a good job, great co-workers, happy kids, a warm house, and pumpkin bread in the oven.

Gotta go play legos -- vacation updates to come very soon.  So much to share regarding doing 4 parks with a toddler and a pre-schooler, flying with little kids, Disney's new MagicBands, and more (read: millions of pictures).



  1. We've talked about taking our two to Disney. They are finally old enough to remember it, however hearing hustle and bustle stories make me not so excited to go.

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I'm definitely not saying it wasn't worth it - it's just not a relaxing vacation. I know my boys won't remember it but we will and they will never be that small again and never believe in the things they believe in right now by the time we are able to go back. I'm glad we were able to go while they are this age! Come back - I've got several posts about our trip planned. :)