Sunday, October 20, 2013

the Disney World vacation chronicles: days 5 & 6

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Day 5:  Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dexter woke up twice during the night, whining and running a slight temp but quickly went back to sleep.  I don't remember what time the boys woke up for the day Tuesday, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.  Since we had family suites at Disney's Art of Animation resort, we were equipped with all that we needed to make breakfast.  We had a small fridge and freezer and a microwave.  We ate breakfast in the room every day except for Thursday, when we had our character meal at the Contemporary Resort.  We had protein/fiber bars, frozen breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal, and cereal with milk.  It was nice to not eat "out" every meal and also to save a few bucks.  On our pool days, like this day, we also had ham or turkey sandwiches and chips, along with carrots or grapes, for lunch.

We woke up well aware that our vacation was halfway over.  When you plan and look forward to something for SO LONG, it's hard not to constantly take notice of how quickly time is passing by.

"I'm a ghost!"

Luckily, everyone woke up feeling fine and fever-free.

our Cars-themed room

Uncle Bob is gonna getcha.

Or are we gonna get Uncle Bob?

Theo cozy on the couch for naptime.

And Dexter resting peacefully in Grammy's bed.

The pool wears them out - we should really get one of those.  Oh, except the part about how we come home from Florida in October and have to start wearing thank you!

We decided to go to Downtown Disney for dinner and to shop around a little more since we were so tired the first time we went. I wanted to pop in the Art of Disney store since the boys were content in their strollers and it was relatively uncrowded. 

We loved that Peter Pan print in the middle and it got me daydreaming of a fun basement remodel (or basement finish, as our case would be) with pale gray walls, white baseboards, neutral furnishings and pops of color from tasteful Disney artwork.  

Theo's favorite villain - Maleficent.

Waiting in line for dinner at Earl of Sandwich.  One of the best meals we had there!

Decisions, decisions. 

Dexter photo-bombed my sandwich pic. 

It was a perfect night!

Nearly impossible to get a decent pic of these two together. 

We didn't want to stay too late because we had another big park day coming up and we hoped the boys would get some good rest.  I was leery about Dexter because we didn't know why he got so sick the night before.  Lack of sleep, overheated, dehydrated, some combination of all those?  Don't know.  But we wanted to do anything we could to prevent that from happening again. 

Day 6: Wednesday, October 9, 2013.

Getting Spiffy in a Jiffy before our big day at Hollywood Studios!

We are huge dorks, so we designated this day as Monsters, Inc shirt day.

Oozma Kappa!

Try to pay attention, kids.

Cute little hand-holding cousins waiting for Toy Story Mania.

One of my favorites - The Voyage of the Little Mermaid show.

Watching Spencer defeat Darth Vader.

Hallelujah!  About a 45 minute nap!

Intense concentration at the Beauty and the Beast show.

Might as well ride that Toy Story ride again!

Fruit bar!  He chose this over a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar.  Clearly not my child.  So I got the ice cream bar. 

This ride - The Great Movie Ride - broke while we were on it. Phooey.

Studio Backlot Tour

Ready to eat at Pizza Planet.

In line to meet Buzz and Woody.  For 45 minutes.  A very long 45 minutes.  I think this might have actually been the longest we waited for anything.  But it was worth it.  You know why?

Because after we left and started walking towards Fantasmic, Theo said "you know what mommy? It was fun meeting Woody and Buzz."  Yes. It. Was.

Fantasmic. My single most favorite thing at all of Walt Disney World. I was geeking out and more excited than anyone else.

Another successful, super fun day.  For more candid photos of the trip, search Instagram user mommyinthemidwest or hashtag: #1stmcdanielfamilyvacation (then follow me there and say hello!).

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  1. Ahh you saw Fantastmic!!! I really want to see it!!! The last time we were at Disney it just came out but I didn't get a chance to go. Amazing huh? So cute about meeting the Toy Story characters. That was def worth it just to hear that from him! :)

  2. I think the monsters inc shirts are adorable. When we get to go we are totall wearing matching shirts. My family will be really really lucky if I don't make us all dress up like characters from Harry Potter when we visit!