Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a blast from the past: things Theo said

Woweeee, I just looked at my drafts and found this list of cute things Theo was February 2012, just before his second birthday. I'd forgotten about a lot of them and it's remarkable to realize how much his vocabulary and ability to pronounce things has grown in the last year and a half.  He talks like a 6 year old now and rarely mispronounces things.  When he does, I savor it.  The only things I can think of right now, off the top of my head, are "bane-dane" (band-aid) and "read the constructions" (instead of instructions).  I'm sure there are others, but I'll have to think about it and make a list. Need to make a list for Dexter too!

As a refresher, here's how Theo looked a year and a half ago...

versus today (literally today...he's sick with a fever)

And here are a few cute things Theo was saying a year and a half ago...

"Whoozat name?" (whenever he wanted to know what something was or what someone's name was).

"I hit mommy in the face.  Agaiiiiin."  (NICE, son.)

"Go to Angie's house? I so happy!"
"Go to playground? I so happy!"
"Get a new toy? I so happy!"
"Go to store? I so happy!"

Kanket. Two kankets.  Cars Blankie. Too. (I remember him adding "too" as a separate sentence to MANY things that he said).

Mommy do it.

Talkin' bout

How bout?

E-O's room

Be right back.

I'll cwean it up.

daddy wook. mommy here. desser here. (Daddy at work, mommy here, and Dexter here... clearly when I worked third shift, this is kind of sad! I miss our together days).

What cute things are your toddlers saying these days?



  1. My toddlers are strangely quiet, but my dog has destroyed three large, toy balls, two within 30 seconds of giving them to her. She then eviscerated the aforementioned balls.

    It was awesome.

    1. ew. Eventually kids learn to stop doing those things. I think.

  2. Hunter used to call them "constructions" too! That's cute :)

  3. Cute stuff! Gigi is a chatter box these days. She says "I'll get it!" and when she's excited "Oh boy!"