Friday, July 12, 2013

just a name

Since we didn't find out the gender of our second baby, we had a really difficult time nailing down a name before the big day.  Dexter was born at 7:05am and we didn't settle on his name until around lunchtime.  We were deciding between Dexter and Crosby.  Anyway, I'll never forget that one of the first comments that we received about his name was that we named our kid after a fictional serial killer on Friday the 13th. 

Oh. Well, I guess that is interesting.

Naturally, I didn't really care and that was not going to change our minds about  our little baby's name.  We'd never even seen the show "Dexter."

A few weeks ago we started watching the first season of Dexter and well.... okay.  I get it!  Our son will be around a lot longer than this show and hopefully he's not associated with the character for all of his life.  It's a really good show, by the way.  It is SO odd hearing people say the name and especially the nickname, Dex. 

When your kid has an uncommon name, you just don't expect to hear it like that.  Ryan works with a guy named Theo and every time he mentions him, SO WEIRD.


have a good weekend.  :)  I'll just be here, watching Dexter and "Dexter" and being creeped out by the serial killer pictured above.  Not by the cutie bug pictured below.

cutie bug.  not serial killer.



  1. I've never watched Dexter so I never thought of the show when I've read his name. Coming up with a boy name that is different is hard! We are having the hardest time, so much that we aways end our boy name combos with, 'we'll maybe it'll be a girl and then this won't be an issue.' :)

  2. It's such a good show. Such a good name. And even (even) if you had named him after the fictional Dexter, so what? That doesn't mean squat. I love the show, but I honestly don't even think about it when I see his (your dexter's) pictures or read his name. And since the show is almost over forever, maybe everyone else can drop it, too.