Thursday, October 25, 2012

try #2

Theo was pretty excited about using the potty a few months ago.  I blogged about and everything so you know it was like...whoa. He did really well. I didn't wanna push him or stress him out. We got busy working on the house and I didn't feel like it was my mother-in-law's job to potty train my kid. So I slacked off and Theo got lazy. He hearts a diaper. 

I would talk to him about it from time to time.  Suggested wearing underwear.  He'd blatantly refuse. Throw fits. I quit asking. Here we are, weeks since the last time he'd worn underwear or peed in the potty.  I don't know why, but a little over a week ago I started negotiating with him. I told him if he wanted to play outside, I needed him to wear underwear. He told me "mommy, I'll pee in the grass."  I said that was fine, no big deal, but if he did, we'd have to stop playing to come in and get cleaned up. No accidents.
The next day I asked him if he would just wear underwear in the car in the way to the sitter's house. He caved for a sticker. The next day was tougher. He was crying and throwing a fit. I asked why and he said he didn't want to poop in his underwears (he's never dropped a deuce in the toilet).  I explained that he had already pooped that morning so he would be fine. No problems. That was last Friday.
He's very aware of when he has his diaper vs. underwear on. He asks "am I wearing underwears still?" "Can I pee in my diaper?" Etc. He is smart enough to do it...he totally gets it. Now it's just a matter of consistency on my part. He has to learn that this is the norm. This is what's expected.  He's worn underwear to the sitter the last 7 days that he's gone and then worn his underwear all day except for nap & bedtime. I think he's had 2 accidents.
Now if I could figure out how to get him to poop in the toilet. What's that all about?


  1. I've heard books help with #2. Mackenzie already poops while looking at her books and my mom was all excited saying it'll help with potty training. I won't know if that's the case for awhile yet. Not in any hurry either!
    Good luck!

    Also, you've been nominated. :o)

  2. My parents had the same problem with my brother. What finally worked for them was telling him that we were leaving for Disney world in a few days and that only big boys got to ride the rides in Disney and that big boys didn't poop their pants.

    Now I am not suggesting you plan a trip to disney to help with potty training although -- hi an excuse to go to Disney!!! But maybe there is something else?

    1. I like your plan. I'll give it some serious consideration. ;)

  3. Oh poop. Ugh. Xander still is hit or miss with pooping on the potty. 50% of the time he does it in his underwear (so gross). Our new bribe for him to not poop in his underwear is new star wars movies. We will see if that works. Somehow I doubt it. He can do it but just chooses not too. Good luck. Sorry no advice here.

    1. You are not making me feel better, pal!

  4. We had the hardest times it potty training! It got to the point where she was afraid to go to the bathroom. It does work itself out but it surely takes time. Good luck!