Thursday, October 4, 2012

a new old toy, long hair, and decorations

We're still staying with Ryan's parents, and they have a huge driveway with a long hill.  The boys love driving their riding toys up and down the hill.  Dexter was feeling pretty good about swooping in and calling dibs on Theo's current favorite - the Radio Flyer tricycle.  

Theo didn't care, he'd already called dibs on the Cozy Coupe police car.  He likes both the Radio Flyer trike and the Cozy Coupe because they both have a little "trunk" he can keep his collection in.  His collection changes from day to day.  On this day, it was Chuggington die cast trains.  Some days it's screwdrivers.  Some days it's coconuts.  And by coconuts, he means acorns.  

We're enjoying mild weather, so as the boys played, I admired my mother-in-law's new decorations. 

I remembered that we had yet to open one of Theo's belated birthday gifts.  It was so hot all summer so I never bothered with it.  My sister got him a little bubble mower.  This thing is so cute and it does not require batteries (and can I get a HOLLA for tool-free assembly?). The boys LOVED it.  It didn't take long before the dear ol' Chuggington collection was tossed to the ground.  Sad situation. 

Dexter was watching Theo dart across the yard with the mower.  I was staring at Dexter's curls, debating whether I should cut them off or not.  Guys - his hair is so long.  Ponytail long.  No lie. But it's so cute and so curly and so blonde.

That's Theo's concentration face.

And that's his "whatchu talkin' about Willis?" face - the one he gave me when I told him to give Dexter a turn. 

It was a fun night.



  1. Please don't cut his beautiful curls!!! I love that Theo calls acorns coconuts! How cute is that!

    1. I just trimmed it! It still curls up in the back. :)