Thursday, December 9, 2010

16 week check-up check in

It was uneventful, just as I predicted.  Not that I'm complaining.  We actually got in and out quite fast, but the doctor simply listened to the heart beat, which was a little tough to find at first.  It gave me a bit of a panic because I've known too many people who have lost babies recently.  Every time I go to the doctor, part of me is expecting to receive bad news.  I think it gets better as I get further into the pregnancy.  The little tiny heart was beating 140ish times per minute, which is perfectly lovely. 

She asked if we would find out what we are having and we said we plan to maintain the suprise element throughout the entire pregnancy, meaning that this little one's gender won't be revealed until delivery day.  She was excited and happy for us, saying that she didn't find out with either of her children and that it's one of life's greatest mysteries and surprises.  She likes that her daughter (4 weeks older than Theo and 20 months younger than her big brother) wears her older brother's blue shirts and bibs with tools on them all the time.  Blue is flattering on girls, right?  Who cares if people sometimes think she's a's no worse than people constantly telling us that Theo should have been a girl with those big eyes and all that hair.  And if she's a he, then we're all set.
Anyway, she said we could come back in 2 weeks to do the fetal anatomy ultrasound, but I'd have to come back 2 weeks later anyway to see her, so we decided to do it all at the same time.  No rush since we aren't finding out the gender this time.  We go back the first week of January.

Oh, she also reminded me that last time we talked about how the c-section is an option and that if I didn't choose to go with a c-section, I would be induced early.  Like I could forget, duh. I didn't really respond.  Nothing can be decided until I get further along into the pregnancy anyway.

Oh, and total weight gain so far: 1.6 lbs.  And that, my friends, is the 16 week check-up check in.



  1. Um, I hate..err, greatly dislike, you for only having gained 1.6 lbs! Seriously?!! With this second one, I'm a fat butt, I had only gained 7 by my 20 wk mark(and I was pumped about that). HOWEVER, a measly 4 weeks later I had gained another ELEVEN POUNDS!!!!! Yeah and I go in the morning for my 28wk check. I may hide my eyes while on the scale!!
    Good job though, seriously!!! :)

  2. Suzi, I think the scale may have been wrong! LOL! It was a different one than I got on at my 12 week appointment so expect my 20 week weight gain to sky-rocket! (Not to mention that it's a few short days after Christmas and New Year's!) Anyway, I haven't had much of an appetite to be honest. Some days it seems like I eat lots and other days I have to remind myself to eat something. With Theo, I gained EIGHT pounds from 24 to 28 weeks! See, I'm saving up for later, when they diagnose me with Gestational Diabetes again. Booooo. Good luck though, I hope your appointment goes well!

  3. Lol, yes we're definitely pregnant at a difficult time of the year! I just read that your surgery went well and I'm glad. I was wondering about you on Friday how things were going.
    Oh and you really should change doctors! He doesn't sound very caring at all and Theo isn't stupid just because he isn't doing certain things. Who says he won't do it a week/3 weeks or any other time after his actual check-up. Don't stress yourself!
    My check up went well. I gained another 5lbs bringing it to 23 total lbs. Doc said that was great,I'd disagree but it's because I'm lugging it around. :) Ha...anyway baby opened her eyes for us and still loves to smush her face against everything in there and she weighs 2lbs 11oz. We're getting there!
    Ok, take care!