Saturday, June 8, 2013

strawberries & fire trucks: 2013

I always think about why I started this I could go back and re-read the things I knew I'd forget and to have a place where I can organize my photos into a virtual scrapbook.  It's all about preserving the memories.

Tonight, I look back 52 weeks to the 2012 White River Township Strawberry Festival HERE.  Theo certainly looks small in these pictures, but little Dexter was just under 13 months old a year ago.  Now at almost 25 months, he's a completely different little person who is developing his own interests, talking, running, asking good questions, saying cute and funny things, and peeing and pooping in the potty on a fairly regular basis.  He's still the happiest boy you'll ever meet and still loves to eat whatever you put in front of him...but the pictures from a year ago are kind of a sad reminder that he's really not a little baby anymore.  Still my little boy, but he's growing up fast.  They both are.

And with that sentimental interlude out of the way, let's talk about tonight.  The 21st Annual White River Township Fire Department Strawberry Festival.  Ever since I realized this was coming up, I have been so looking forward to going again with the boys.  Dexter enjoyed it last year, but this year I knew he would like it even more.  And all Theo has been talking about is strawberry shortcake!

If I'd had it my way, we would have just followed that fancy homemade sign right on in to the school cafeteria but nooooo, these kids wanted to see some fire trucks.  Alright, alright. 

Every time Dexter got in or near one of the fire trucks, he asked "how do we turn it on?"  Not sure if he was talking about the lights and sirens or if he was just ready to take these trucks for a spin around the block.

Dear Fire People:  Sorry about all your settings on every single truck.  You really shouldn't let little kids climb up in there if you're expecting things to be the same when you get back in... this kid is a dedicated switch-flipper, a knob-turner, and a button-pusher!

Oh nothin...just talkin' about brother stuff.  

"How do we turn it on?"

Isn't he huge?  Absolutely, positively giant?  I'm sure I won't think so when I look back at these photos a year from now, but today...this kid is huge.  And this is probably my favorite pic of the night. P.S. He's huge.

Free entertainment. 

Dexter is such a little hot body.  See how red his face gets when he plays?  He's always been hot-natured, even as a newborn.  That's definitely something he gets from his dad. He needed a stroller & water break from the bouncy slide.

I finally convinced them to go with me to get some grub and we ran into our friends.  Dexter was lying down with his head on B's stomach being all cute, and of course he gets up as soon as I grab my camera. STORY OF MY LIFE!

Same yummy food this year.  Neither of the boys could get enough corn on the cob.  

Or this yummy goodness.  I mean, really. It was SO good. 

"Hold me." 

After we ate, we hurried back outside to watch the extrication demonstration. The firefighters and paramedics removed the glass from the windows and used the jaws of life to cut a "victim" out of a van that had JUST crashed. (Not really, duh).  Complete with Lifeline helicopter rescue. Pretty cool demo.

Theo grabbed a spot on the grass as soon as the helicopter landed and watched the EMS people load their "victim" into the chopper.  It took off, circled around, came back, and landed so we could take a closer look.

The boys' pretty little friend, M, was the only one who cooperated for pictures sitting on the side of the helicopter. The boys were a little too interested in all those knobs and buttons.

We love that this festival is held at an elementary school where we can take advantage of the awesome playground amenities.

As our friends left to head home, Theo said he wanted to go down "that red slide."  When we walked over to it, he stood there, kicking the mulch.  I said, "Theo, what's wrong? Go down the slide."  He looked up at me, exhausted, and said quietly, "let's just go home."  

What a fun-filled evening!  I hope this will become an annual family tradition. I plan on going every year until the boys tell me they don't like it anymore.  And friends?  That will be a sad, sad day.

That day is not today, so happy weekend!


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  1. This looks like an absolute blast!!! Looks like the boys had so much fun. I love looking back at annual events we do too to see how much the boys have changed. Of course it makes me sad too. Just the other day I was browsing pics on the IPad and found some from last summer. The boys look like babies compared to today. Wow for potty training almost full time. That happened SO FAST!