Wednesday, January 2, 2013

what has worked before

In my post yesterday, I got pretty down on myself while writing about my intentions for 2013.  Then today, I got some of the sweetest, kindest comments and compliments via text, PHONE CALLS (actual phone calls!), and Facebook comments. My favorite was the person that told me to make my next resolution to write a list of all the wonderful things I HAVE accomplished.  Good point. If you were one of those people, I wanted you to know that you brightened my day so THANK YOU.

In the social worky world, there's a thing about "starting where your client is."  That means you ask the client where they would like to start...what's their priority... and throw out your idea of what you think they should work on.  Also in the social worky world, there's a thing about empowering your client. You ask them about times when they have been successful at dealing with the thing that is troubling them now.

So let me get a little bit social worky on myself.  Here's where I am.  I'm at the ready-to-change stage.  I just need a push in the right direction.  I've resolved to not let this situation (my body/health/weight) get any worse.  I've talked to my husband about us doing P90X together but I'm not there yet.  I have had some successes in the past at losing weight and getting in shape.  It felt great. I'm going to re-visit some of those  same techniques and see if I can get my motivation mojo back somehow.

1. Use a pedometer.  I started doing this 5 years ago and it spurred me on to a wonderful health kick for 8+ months.  I'm not sure exactly what the downfall was but I was in about the best shape of my life - not just thin but active and healthy.  I was competing against myself to have more steps/physical activity then I did before.  Naturally this led to eating better because I didn't want to just pack back on all the calories I had worked so hard to burn.

2.  Log food intake.  I started doing this 9+ yrs ago shortly after I got married and lost a lot of weight (too much really...5'7" and 113 lbs).  I was not exercising at that time and I was limiting my calories beyond necessity but it worked.  And I have done this (log food intake, not starve myself) each and every time I've been successful at losing weight/adopting a healthier lifestyle.  If I don't pay attention, and I mean REALLY pay attention, to what I'm eating, I just don't care.  I don't care how many calories I'm consuming, how much fat I'm eating, or how many sugary drinks I'm gulping down with hundreds of wasted calories.  When I'm keeping track of my food intake, every single thing I put in my mouth gets logged.  So whether it's because I'm conscious of my calories for the day or if it's because I don't want to eat something for the simple fact that I will have to take the time to log it, it makes me aware.  It makes me eat less/healthier/better....which leads to weight loss.  I've used in the past ... right now I'm trying My Fitness Pal since it's a nice and easy mobile app.

3.  Drink more water.  I've allowed myself to slip back into the habit of drinking sweet tea nonstopalldayeveryday.  Every time I go out to eat.  I will say that I've gotten better about stopping at McDonald's for a large Styrofoam jug cup of that sweet goodness.  I used to make a special trip OUT OF THE HOUSE for this nonsense.  Not so much anymore.  I can make calorie free sweet tea with Splenda at home that tastes just as good to me so I need to get my fix at home and make myself get water the rest of the time.

4.  Be active.  Even if it's just little bit.  I don't enjoy working out, but I enjoy making progress and I enjoy the way I feel when I'm done working out.  I enjoy feeling better and not getting out of breath doing simple things.  I enjoy fitting in my clothes and not being too humiliated to wear a swimsuit.  I love hiking.  I love just walking around the neighborhood.  There are plenty of things I can do that I DO enjoy. The point is, I need to do something. I have to.  I want my kids to see me being active and I want them to be active with me.  I want to be active with them. I want to have the energy to do the things I picture us doing as a family.

What has helped you achieve your weight loss goals?  Or what has motivated you to get off the couch?

Any tips/pointers/advice would be appreciated.  :)



  1. I'm not much into fad diets these days, but I tell you something that JUST MAKES SENSE. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on about how our bodies are biologically hardwired to digest/use certain foods better than others. While some people think it's crazy because it does exclude food groups (mainly legumes, diary, sugar, and carbohydrates - though carbohydrates from fruits/vegetables are perfectly acceptable), I personally can say I have noticed a HUGE difference when eating this way. Get your hands on some Paleo (more specifically, Whole 30) articles. I'm reading a book right now called It Starts With Food. I was a vegetarian turned vegan for a few years and completely experienced a pendulum shift after my body FREAKED OUT for so long eating that way. I never knew how carbohydrates and legumes work against you until I started to notice a big change in my body and how it functions on a daily basis. If anything, it's worth a read.

    1. You know I admire your enthusiasm but when you start talking about cutting out dairy, sugar, and carbohydrates, I want to run the other way and hide! :) I'm a long way from that but I totally agree with what your saying and it does make perfect sense. I just need a place to start and making sudden drastic changes would not be wise at this point I don't think. xoxo

  2. I totally agree on the pedometer. The fit bit is pricey but I used one last year and it helped me lose quite a bit more weight than without it. Of course, I gained it all back, but I am definitely going to be using it again soon!

  3. My fitness pal is a great app! I had been using it for a bit after weight watchers.
    And good job stopping those 'special trips' for McDonalds. I have been guilty of that myself. :)