Tuesday, November 13, 2012

my Christmas wish list

Linking up with Melissa at Growing Up Geeky for Toddle Along Tuesday.  This week's topic?  Mama's Christmas wish list! 

1.  3x5 Chindi Loop Rug from World Market.  Two or three of these would look cute in my soon-to-be new kitchen.
2.  Bloom by Kelle Hampton - a memoir written by a mama blogger who has 2 daughters (one with Down Syndrome) and a baby boy on the way.
3. Early Bird lamp (in white) by Land of Nod for my nightstand.  Yes, it's a child's store. Don't care.
4.  Hamilton Beach Set n Forget 6 Qt Programmable Slow Cooker (amazon). I'm falling in love all over again with my crock pot but truthfully, it's pretty junky.
5.  Fossil Maddox Flap Crossbody bag.  Self-explanatory.
6.  Uglydoll Babo Ceramic Cookie Jar (amazon). The boys each have their own uglydoll and I thought this would be a whimsical addition to the kitchen.
7. Zoku Quick Pop Maker (williams-sonoma).  This just intrigues me! I think I saw it on someone else's blog quite a while ago.  I don't know how much I would use it, but it would definitely be a fun way to make sweet & healthy treats for the boys (and maybe myself).
8. Remove Your Shoes wall hanging by Lisa Leonard.  Ya know, because we have new carpet and all.  And really?  What DON'T I want from Lisa Leonard?

What do you want for Christmas?  Have you started making a list? 

And has anyone else tried the Zoku?  Thoughts? 

happy shopping,


  1. That popsicle maker looks cool! I never heard of Lisa Leonard...checking her out!

  2. The quick pop maker looks cool! I have a pan from there that makes pancakes that look like waffles. Hardly use it, but it's cool. :)

  3. Oh my goodness that cookie jar is awesome! Bloom has been sitting on my nightstand forever. I need more free time to read! Oh and not be so darn tired at night to stay awake to read.