Tuesday, October 4, 2011

an introduction to my family in rhyme. i'm so sorry.

I'm a proud mama and I'm here to say
My baby boys bring me joy each and every day
The oldest is Theo and he's one point five
Also known as: Cutest Toddler Alive
He sucks his thumb and plays with tractors
Snuggles with his blanket and eats lotsa crackers
He says silly things, always making me laugh
Loves splashing the water out of his bath

My bitty-bit is Dexter and he's so sweet
Spends all the time he can stuck to this teat
He's four months old, our little surprise
I sure hope he keeps his mama's blue eyes
He loves to crinkle and rattle his toys
Diggin' anything that makes loud noise
Snugglin' is fun so we do it all the time
I soak it up 'cause it feels sublime

These boys are my world and I mean it
When they make a mess, I just clean it
I can't imagine our life 15 years from now
We'll keep the refrigerator stocked somehow
How could two little guys make a girl so proud?
If I'm not pulling out my hair, I'm floatin' on a cloud
They'll never ever know how much I care
Until with their own this love they do share

Okay that was bad.  And way harder than I thought.  But I liked Mama G's introduction for the Toddle Along Tuesday blog hop, so I stole her idea and tried to come up with my own little rappy rhyme. Yeah I do it all the time.  Okay y'all, now I can't stop ...so let's get on with the bloggy blog hop.  Crap.  Another Rap.  Okay, that's enough.  Really. Here are some getting-to-know-you nuggets about me and my family. 

Heeere's Theo:
Aaaand Dexter:

Seriously - I'm ~C~.  I have 2 boys, ages 18 months (Theo) and 4 months (Dexter).  And an amazing husband, R, who tirelessly gets them up and ready for the babysitter every day while I am working third shift.  Know why he's amazing?  Because he never complains and I never have to ask for help with the kids.  He just jumps in.  I'm lucky to have these 3 very special guys in my life.  Oh, we've been married for 8+ years and I can't even fathom not being together.  He's my forever and ever and he always has been.

I'm a Facebook junkie.  I'm addicted to my cell phone.  I need lots of sleep but rarely get it so I've learned to function on much less.  I don't take any prescription pills and rarely take over-the-counter drugs.  I've never smoked pot and drugs, in general, just scare me.  I like sunny days when the weather is just right for open windows and music blaring.  There are lots of places I'd like to go, starting within the U.S.  My dad died of pancreatic cancer 4 years ago and I miss him all the time.  I like to cook but don't have time.  I'd love to bake but have even less time for that.  I have a Bachelor's in Social Work but I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.  Speaking of my Bachelor's, The Bachelor and Bachelorette are some of my favorite reality tv shows.  Addicted.  Can't help it.  Embarrassed.  And speaking of addictions - I drink sweet tea every day.  I wish I was crafty and creative but I'm not.  I don't understand Pinterest but I want to.  I've never bought anything off of Etsy.  I drive too fast.  I loved being pregnant, although I complained nonstop.  I could go on with randomness like this for days.

Here's TMI - I haven't had a period in almost two and a half years and I'm okay with that.  Got pregnant with Theo in June 09, he was born in March 2010.  Got pregnant with Dexter 5 months later, and he was born in May 2011.  I mean, who shows up to their baby's first birthday party 7 months pregnant?  Me.  I'm still nursing Dexter, and hope to until he's one.  Didn't get there with Theo since I got pregnant with Dexter.  Breastfeeding is really important to me. 

We didn't find out Dexter's gender before he was born, which was a lot of fun.  Frankly, I'm surprised more people don't wait.  I wish we had waited to find out with Theo because I learned that it really doesn't matter.  We bought some girls' clothes just in case and painted Dexter's room after he was born.  That was the extent of the inconvenience in not knowing ahead of time.

My kids are my world and a large part of my identity.  Sometimes I'm proud of that and think that's the way it should be...sometimes I wonder if I'm losing myself in that role and forgetting about other parts of who I am.  Or who I used to be.

So, in a nutshell, that's me and my family.  I hope you'll browse through my blog.  You'll find lots of photos of us and stories about our day to day lives, along with my unsolicited opinion and/or thoughts about things. 



  1. Crap. The pictures/titles are out of order when I look at this on my phone - they looked right on the computer. Eh. Anyone who's reading this knows who is who!

  2. This idea was ridiculously cute! What an adorable family and I love their names. I'm following you now thru tat. Would love the follow at www.the-mommyhood-chronicles.com. Have a great day!

  3. I forgot to add. I'm also a huge bachelor fan, although I didn't love Ashley. I am a fb addict and need sleep(although it is hard to come by these days). I am so sorry about your dad!

  4. We didn't find out what our baby was going to be either, and I agree, I can't believe more people don't do this. It is so exciting to find out at the end.

    And I am a reality TV junkie as well. But my favs are Teen Mom and all the Real Housewives.

  5. Ahhhh I love it!! Those are hard to write, aren't they?

  6. I was surprised by the rap. :) Such kind words about me. Thanks. We are just as lucky to have you. I love you.

  7. I love the rap! I made my 8th grade oral book report rhyme... I was cool back then...
    I'm excited to read through the rest of your blog! Your TMI makes me extremely jealous. I've gotten mine twice since Ella was born. She's 9.5 weeks...

  8. Thanks for all the love everyone, and hey strangers!! So good to meet some new bloggin' mamas.