Monday, January 17, 2011

snowy in the midwest

With all the snow we've had lately, we haven't been getting out and about too much.  Okay by Theo, he likes just watching it fall.

When he gets bored, he can always find the most mundane things fabulously entertaining.

Making new discoveries - sandwich baggies and the like

Oooh ... all the pretty buttons on the dishwasher ... I bet I could do some damage here.

Break for nuzzles

Get a load of this guy's hair.  Yep, it's time for a haircut.

There's that ugly winter sky again

I don't think we'll be seeing many birds at this rate.

Or butterflies.

Or company.

If only I could take it back.  Do you think it will stop snowing if I take the decals down?

Might as well celebrate with some snowman jammies.

Hope you're staying warm in some fleece jammies too...

1 comment:

  1. It's amazing how much the snow forces you to get creative. And no, I don't think removing the decals will help :).